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Snowflake Integration

Connect to Snowflake

Add a Snowflake datasource from the new datasource page. add snowflake

Fill in the fields and click the Add Datasource button.

  • Datasource Name is a human-readable display name for this datasource.
  • Details is for your own notes, and supports markdown formatting. We suggest recording the relevant tables and schemas here for later reference.
  • Account is your Snowflake account. See the Troubleshooting section below if you’re having trouble finding your Snowflake account.
  • Username is a user created on your Wnowflake db. We suggest creating a dedicated user with read permissions only.
    • create role THORNTALE_USER;
      grant usage on warehouse COMPUTE_WH to role THORNTALE_USER;
      grant select on view MY_TABLE to role THORNTALE_USER;
  • Password is the corresponding password.
  • Warehouse is a Snowflake warehouse.
  • Database is a Snowflake database that your user has access to.

We’ll test the connection, and if we can reach your database, we’ll add the datasource.


You can find your Snowflake account using this guide.

Generally, if you can access your Snowflake at a URL that looks like

What we’re looking for in the Account field will look like ORGNAME-ACCOUNT_NAME.