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Getting Started

Create an Account

Thorntale is 100% free to use! Sign up with email or google to create your account.

You’ll be prompted to create an Organization in addition to a personal user account. You will be able to invite friends and coworkers to join your organization in order to collaborate.

A Quick Tour

When you first sign in, you’ll land on a page like this. landing page

  • The top bar contains Templates that you can use as a starting point for your own reports.
  • The side nav has your account settings, as well as your account’s Datasources. We’ll get to these a bit later.
  • The main section below the Templates section contains your user’s Reports. There won’t be any Reports yet, but we’re going to create one in this tutorial.
  • If there are any other users in your organization, you can see any reports your teammates have shared with you in the Shared with Me tab.

Let’s go!

We’ll jump right in and create a report from scratch. Select the Blank Template to get started.