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Visualizing Data

Thorntale can pull and chart data directly from your database, or from a public or shared Google Sheet. For now, let’s create a chart using a Google Sheet.

Connecting to a Google Sheet

Create a plain page. We’ll add a Chart to this page using the /chart command.

Choose the Google Sheets option. Give this source a name and paste the URL of the Google Sheet you’d like to query. You can use your own data, or the sample sheet below.

If you use your own data, be sure to give view access to the Google Sheet with

connect a google sheet

You can use the Advanced tab in the Source Panel to select a certain range to query, like A3:C16, if you don’t need all the data in the sheet.

Building a Bar Chart

Once the data loads, click the Looks Good! button.

The sample data has three columns:

  • Cat Breed
  • Average Weight
  • Hypoallergenic?

Since these are categories, instead of a timeseries or similar, we’ll choose a Bar Chart to represent this data.

bar chart Set the x-axis to Breed and the y-axis to Average Weight. You can also group by whether or not a given breed is Hypoallergenic.

Feel free to play around with the axis labels, series labels, and other settings.

I’m ready to show the world.

Great! Let’s present our findings.